Mallorcabyrån is your Swedish-speaking real estate broker in Mallorca.

We have a wide network of contacts and a well-developed collaboration with a large number of actors in the market, and will therefore always find what you are looking for! We who work at the Mallorcabyrån have lived and worked with real estate on the island for many years and know all its favorite sites and secrets!

We help you throughout the buying process and can provide all services and meet all possible needs and issues arising from the acquisition of a flat, building or villa on Mallorca. It can range from financing issues to legal and tax advice, renovation, refurbishment or interior design!

We work with OMNI House Management who looks after your house or apartment when you are not here, click on the link below to know more!

And if you are buying property overseas, emigrating or sending money to loved ones, talk to Currencies Direct, see link below!